Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

How can I get $BLOC?

$BLOC is our cryptocurrency and the only currency that can be used on this rewards marketplace.

You will need to acquire $BLOC to be able to purchase anything on this website.

$BLOC can only be acquired from within the Bloc app by exchanging stars (a token from within Bloc).

Stars can be earned for free from within Bloc by completing certain actions (like checking in to a venue). Stars can also be received by other users and you can purchase them directly via the app.

Once you have collected 100 stars you will be able to exchange these for $BLOC.

How does Bloc work?

Bloc is a social events app that rewards people for attending venues and connects people before events.

Bloc has two USPs:

1. Users can get rewarded for attending venues. Users can check-in to any venue in the world and earn stars for attending (tracked via geo-location). Stars can then be exchanged for cash or for $BLOC.

2. Bloc connects people before events. When you check-in to a venue you can see everyone else who has also checked into that venue on that day. You can then connect with other people before you go or at the venue. You can only chat to other people if the connection is mutual.

To get started with Bloc, you can download the app for free.

Where can I download Bloc?

Bloc is free on iOS and Android and can be download at

What's the quickest way of earning stars?

To acquire $BLOC you must exchange stars for them inside the Bloc app.

To get $BLOC 500 you must earn or buy 100 stars.

There are multiple ways of acquiring stars from within Bloc.

1. You can buy them. Visit the store inside the Bloc app to buy stars.
2. You can subscribe to Bloc Plus and get 10 stars per month.
3. You can earn the stars for free within the app.

You can also do a combination of all 3 to acquire the stars.

There are different ways of earning the stars from within Bloc.

1. You can check-in to venues and attend them (tracked via geo-location). 3 stars are rewarded if you attend a non-advertiser and 6 stars are rewarded if you attend an advertiser.

2. You can earn 5 stars for every successful invite to Bloc. You can find the invite feature from within the store inside the Bloc app. The user you invite will need to download the app for the invite to be successful.

3. You can follow our Instagram to earn 1 star.

4. Other users can send you one star if you’re both attending the same venue. This is actually referred to as a ‘favourite’ and you will be notified when you are sent a star. One star will be deducted from their bank and you will be rewarded one star.

There are lots of different ways of earning stars but the first step is to download Bloc and to check-in to the venues that you attend.

Is $BLOC on an exchange?

Bloc is currently not on an exchange but this may change in the future.

What blockchain is $BLOC on?

$BLOC is a token that uses the Algorand blockchain.

We chose Algorand because of the secure payment functionality, security and because it’s one of the most sustainable blockchains available.

Algorand aims to be one of the greenest blockchains by claiming its blockchain is fully carbon neutral as a result of the alliance with Climatetrade.

Where are my $BLOC stored?

When you exchange your first set of stars inside the Bloc app you will automatically have a wallet created for you.

This wallet is an Algorand wallet on the Algorand blockchain. Your $BLOC tokens are securely stored inside this wallet and the details of your wallet are stored on Bloc’s server.

Where else can I spend $BLOC?

Currently the only place you can spend $BLOC is on our rewards marketplace.

We have big plans to open up a whole suite of products and use cases for $BLOC that will all be powered by this one token.

Can I sell items on the rewards marketplace?

We envisage the Bloc Rewards Marketplace to include thousands of products.

To be able to achieve this our aim is to partner with other vendors that are interested in selling their products in exchange for $BLOC.

If you are interested in partnering with us then please email us at

We have an engaged community of users that will have access to the marketplace so it’s a good opportunity to market your items and to reach more people.

Can I get a refund on an item that I bought?

Most products are bought directly from the brand and delivered directly to you.

To arrange a refund or exchange you will need to check with the policy of that company.

If the product is bought and delivered from us then we have a 7 day refund or exchange policy.

If items aren’t returned to us before 7 days then we will not be able to refund you or exchange your item.

If you are unsure please email us at